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Inclusion Strengthens Communities - Munch July Newsletter

What's New to Munch for Lunch?

Several individual cheesecake portions covered in raspberry compote
Yummy Cheesecake With Raspberry Compote

Cheesecake. Raspberries. Yum.

Decadent. Delicious.

Cheesecake with Raspberry Compote, our newest desert offering, can be added to any catering order for $5.95 per person, or find cheesecake bites in our dainty trays.

Pair it with out newest partnership offering, locally roasted coffee from Caliber Coffee Roasters.

A picture of several different types of coffee in Caliber bags.
An image from the Caliber website

Caliber Coffee Roasters

In 2013 Kyle Chalupiak and Desmond Mulvey were looking for a great cup of freshly brewed coffee. They have been delighting coffee drinkers first from Regina, then Canada wide and beyond.

Munch is committed to creating lasting, local partnerships and we are pleased that we have raised our coffee offerings with Caliber Coffee Roasters.

A Message from Rick Morrell, Executive Director of Munch Catering

Inclusion strengthens communities

Inclusion is more than a moral right; it is the best choice for a strong and vibrant community. When marginalized people gain access to employment, they contribute significantly to the economy. When they feel safe and welcome at events, attendance increases, organizers generate more revenue, and the crowd reaches a critical mass for enhanced enjoyment.

Inclusion expands the talent pool for community events, bringing in more volunteers to assist with various tasks. Providing everyone with the support and acceptance they need to make their best contribution allows them to enrich society with their talents, creativity, effort, and unique perspectives. Research has shown that workplaces employing people with cognitive disabilities tend to become more adaptable and creative (Lysaght et al., 2018). This principle extends to society as a whole when it values the talents, wishes, and efforts of all citizens.

Recognizing and embracing diversity creates a richer society where everyone can contribute to the best of their abilities. A study by Shore et al. (2018) found that inclusion practices in organizations lead to increased innovation, improved decision-making, and enhanced problem-solving capabilities. These benefits can be extrapolated to the broader community context.

Happier, engaged, hardworking, and successful individuals make for a society that is bigger and brighter. By fostering an inclusive environment, we create opportunities for all community members to participate fully, resulting in a stronger, more vibrant community for everyone.

Inclusion strengthens communities.


Lysaght, R., Petner-Arrey, J., Howell-Moneta, A., & Cobigo, V. (2018). Inclusion through work and productivity for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 31(5), 751-765.

Shore, L. M., Cleveland, J. N., & Sanchez, D. (2018). Inclusive workplaces: A review and model. Human Resource Management Review, 28(2), 176-189.

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