Our Team



Munch is governed by a dedicated group of volunteers who generously donate their time and talents to serve on our board of directors. These individuals set the overall tone and direction for Munch.


Executive Director:

Gwen Herman

Job Developer and

Program Manager:

Jessica Kozdron


The employees of Munch are our bread and butter. Whether managing business operations or crafting delicious creations in the kitchen, all our staff members work hard to satisfy our customer’s taste buds. In order to ensure that catering services are never compromised, Munch also relies on a reliable pool of volunteers to assist with the everyday orders. Please email us if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.




Our current catering assistants are:

Dawn, Mirela, Cody, Nathan, and Meredith

President: Michael Chmielewski

Vice President: Mary Turtle

Secretary Treasurer: Fred Exner

Directors: Emily Tarr, Megan Patterson, Jo-Anne Lukey