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Munch offers a diverse range of programming for adults with cognitive disabilities.

Transition Support Project

The Transition Support Project is funded by CASE through its Innovation Lab.  Munch is working with the Regina Public, Regina Catholic and Prairie Valley high schools to teach cooking and work with alternative education students to develop Transition Plans. The intent is for all students to know what job they want and how to find it before they graduate. By planning for their best life after school, we intend that all of these students find meaningful employment and a healthy mix of activities to take the place of the structure and socialization of school.  Munch's specialty is helping people grow and realize their potential and it has been fantastic to see the results so far!


Inclusion Awareness Plan 

The Inclusion Awareness Plan is a set of networking activities funded by the Community Services Recovery Fund. Some of the activity is talking to potential employers for our graduating staff, or to potential customers or funders to widen and strengthen Munch's financial base. Some of the activity will be very public with Munch showing up with free food in public places, and with billboards and displays around Regina promoting the case for an Inclusive Society, helping to break down barriers to employment and social inclusion.  Look for more information about this campaign on our website in late January. 


Market Garden Training Project

The Market Garden Training Project is intended to train adults with cognitive disabilities to work in gardens and greenhouses and then to find them jobs in private sector enterprises. Market gardens and greenhouses have a challenging time finding enough staff, and the pilot project we ran this year with funding from BASF and the 100 Women Who Care showed that our staff are good at this and they like it.  We intend to grow this activity over time. 


Double Impact Project

 Double Impact is a six week job preparation program where we pay adults with cognitive disabilities to make foods which are then donated to local agencies who deal with hunger. During 2022 and 2023, Ian Martin Foundation, the Lorne and Evelyn Johnson Foundation, 100 Women Who Care and the Yellow Bin Project all contributed to this initiative. Happily, five of the people who trained in Double Impact have found jobs and we will do job development with several others in January.  We are also excited about the partnerships built with local anti-hunger agencies. 



Munch has been fortunate to be the recipient of several notable grants  that have allowed them to expand into unique programming in the community.


Funds received allowed Munch to create a job developer position within the organization. The job developer has been responsible for helping several former catering assistants find meaningful work in the community and has allowed new individuals to experience employment with Munch. The job developer has also been working with several graduates of the Food Service Training Program to help them in their search for employment in the community.

Thanks to Our Sponsors:

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