We typically provide catering Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

but can work outside of these hours with prior arrangement.


We have a $100 minimum for all orders.

We accept e-transfer, cash, cheque and credit card.


We require a minimum of 48 hours notice for all catering orders.


We can accommodate most food preferences, intolerances and allergies upon request. Recipes that are already friendly to common requests are marked below as

GF (Gluten-Free), VEG (Vegetarian) and VGN (Vegan). 

Accommodations that require recipe changes or special handling have a surcharge of $2.00 / person.


MORNING PLATTER  VEG  $3.25 / person
An assortment of in-house baked muffins and loaves.

*NEW  Add sliced cheese:  $0.75 / person

(see BEVERAGES below for hot drink options to go with your platter)

SANDWICH / WRAP PLATTER  $7.95 / person

A variety of some or all of the following sandwiches and wraps.

Sandwiches: Ham & Swiss, Egg Salad  VEG, Tuna Salad

Wraps: Turkey Cranberry, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Vegetarian VEG  VGN


 DILL PICKLES  VEG  VGN GF  $0.50 / person

HOMEMADE SOUPS   $4.95 / person


*NEW  Chicken Tortilla  GF

(served with grated cheese and in-house baked corn tortilla strips)

*NEW   Grandma’s Beet Borscht  GF VEG VGN 

*NEW   Lovely Lentil  GF VEG VGN

Hearty Hamburger 

Smokey Ham & Corn Chowder  GF

Homestyle Chicken Rice  GF

Healthy Vegetable  GF VEG VGN

Mushroom Orzo

SALADS  $4.95 / person

*NEW   Munch House Salad  GF VEG VGN 

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and a sprinkling of red onion 

with in-house made Italian-style vinaigrette.

Marinated Veggie Salad  GF VEG VGN

An assortment of seasonal vegetables with Munch’s signature dressing.

Pulse Salad

Featuring chickpeas, lentils, black beans, spinach, cranberries,

green onion and barley in a tangy dressing.


Kale Salad  GF VEG

A refreshing combination of kale and cabbage with feta cheese and quinoa.


Caesar Salad  VEG 

Crisp romaine with in-house made croutons and dressing.

Coleslaw Salad GF VEG

Red cabbage and coleslaw mix accented with diced apple,

featuring in-house made honey mustard dressing.


VEGGIES & DIP GF VEG  $3.25 / person

A variety of seasonal vegetables with dip.


** Please note that all Hot Lunch Options 

must be ordered in a minimum quantity of 8


Baked Penne with Roasted Vegetable  VEG  $13.00 / person

Penne pasta baked with delicately roasted red peppers, 

zucchini and mushrooms in tasty pasta sauce, all 

sprinkled with parmesan.  Includes a choice of one salad.

Add sausage or chicken:  $2.00 / person


Sausage and Perogies  $13.00 / person

Served with onions sautéed in butter, sour cream and choice of one salad.

Add spruced-up sauerkraut:  $1.25 / person


BBQ Pulled Pork  $13.00 / person

Served with a bun and choice of one salad.


Navajo Chili  $13.00 / person

A hearty combo of black beans, pork and corn, 

served with a bun and a choice of one salad.


 Lasagna  $13.00 / person

Served with garlic bread and Caesar salad.


Taco Salad  $7.95 / person

Taco chips topped with taco beef, shredded cheese, 

lettuce, tomato, sour cream and salsa.




Dainties  VEG  $1.75 / person

An assortment of in-house baked cookies and squares.


Fruit Cup  VEG VGN $3.95 / person

A variety of fresh seasonal fruit.




"To go" Coffee or Tea Box (serves 10 people)  $29.95

Choice of regular or decaffeinated coffee,

steeped black tea or hot water with a selection of tea bags.

Cream, sugar, sweetener and cups included.


Pop and Bottled Water  $2.25 each




Regina and immediate area – 10% cost of catering order to a maximum of $30

 Out of city delivery to Regina surrounding area – $35

All prices are subject to PST.   Munch is GST exempt. 

Gratuities gladly accepted!  Thank you! 


Last updated May, 2020